Strict mistress seeking slaves for pleasure

June 6, 2013 | 0 Comments

robinListen up you lazy slave! I am your mistress and I know you have to suffer before gaining some sexual comfort! I am ready to teach your how to behave, what to do and how to obtain the sacred fruits of forbidden pleasures. I will guide you through the labyrinth of passion, but you have to be fully submissive. The word NO is the one I never want to hear from you. Your name will be wiped, your will talk if and when I allow, you have to do what ever I ask from you! Have I made myself clear? Good.

Now, get that pencil and paper, write down my contact details and after that is done, send me the message including your dirty little ideas regarding to sex. After I decide how you will suffer from my teaching, you will be contacted. Never call twice, never ask for date, you are nothing and nobody. Slave. I will tell you when you will meet me and where. If you late, no pleasure for you. Do you understand? And now start to write, don’t you ever think about to make me losing my precious time, slave.

Area: Somerset

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