Fancy going swinging with a middle aged couple

May 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

davdebHey beautiful people of west England! We are a middle aged, well situated couple with no children. We live in the beautiful Sidmouth, but work in Plymouth, and have a lot of friends with same sexual interest. As we like to bring light and fun in or life’s, as much as we can, we are open to make new friendships with couples or groups that are common in swinger games. We attend every weekend on great sex parties where we can exchange new techniques and share love.

If you feel the passion as swingers do, give us a reply, and let’s start some great time together. We have also a private website where we post up the material from the sex parties, so don’t be shy – the content is available only for members. Welcome in our great swinger club, lets exchange ourselves and enjoy life as we deserve. Ah, she is 46, I am 48 years old, we are active in sport too, so don’t expect fat and lazy people. And our appetite is also huge. Let us know if you wish to attend three day sex party! Only experienced couples are welcome, newcomers are not allowed. Later!


Area: Devon

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