Want to Sext? A real couple looking for sexting contacts in Berkshire

December 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

Randy couple here looking for a bisexual bloke to join us in the bedroom. My boyfriend is my best mate and he really wants to experience this. He wants his back passage opened up and taken while I watch. He also wants me to direct the action. Imagine him being my sex slave and you’ve got the plot. I’ll tell him what to do and you just get your end away. It sounds like a great time to us. Our flat is open to host you whenever you can make it. We can share a pint at the pub first to talk it over. It’s a specific fantasy, so we don’t have a problem with explaining it all. Want to Sext with real couples and horny singles?

As long as you look like a posh bloke, we should be able to have a good time. We can all get off at the beginning, but then, he’s the one who takes it. I’ll probably force him to give me an Aussie kiss while you shag him from behind. He has a tight little arse, so you don’t have to worry about it being ugly. He’ll even reach behind and massage your bollocks before you fill him with your baby batter.

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Area: Berkshire

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