Looking for watchers to watch us have sex

May 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

axleHello dear friends. I am glad to post up our request, and we hope that will find new friends soon. We are a common family from Amesbury Hawkshead and we have an unusual sexual request. We are seeking watchers to attend our sex games. After having fun on one birthdays party the action turned into cool group sex and we were amazed with others who liked to watch me and my husband while having sex. We know that we are attractive and really liked the attention we got. They all commented that we are handsome and our techniques are really good. So, we wish to have watchers on our sex nights.

Everything is allowed except the attending in the game. You may bring your video cameras or photo us, whatever. Post the material on porn site, we don’t care much about that. Just land us the request. What can you see? Well, we like to have long heat up, then we love to do sexy massage with finger play, oral for both, and of course great fuck. We are very open in those questions, so we can talk about wish granting too. There are no taboo’s for us. Every sex poses or sexual game type is available. What do you say? Send a request for attending our games, and your presence will be granted. We do games only by us.


Area: Wiltshire

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