Bisexual swingers looking for bi women

June 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

debsSome people like tacos and other people like hotdogs. We’re looking for women in the Wolverhampton area who like both tacos and hotdogs. If you have no clue what all that means, it means we are interested in meeting bi women. My wife is bisexual and we’re swingers so I don’t mind her hooking up with other hot women. She loves to eat pussy and I’ve heard she’s pretty good at it. She also likes to get her pussy eaten and I like to watch her getting serviced.

The expressions on her face when a tongue is deep inside her pussy drive me insane and often make me burst my own load. The reason we’re seeking bi-chicks is because we want someone we can both play with so maybe you eat her out while I bang you or I eat her out while you ride me, the options are endless. It’s a fun time. We had so much fun the last time we did it but the lady moved away so we’re searching again. We’d like for this to be an on-going arrangement and yes, you can meet with my wife and hook up with her even when I’m not around.

Area: West Midlands

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