Sissy hubby wants to watch me fuck other men

June 2, 2013 | 0 Comments

emma2I told my sissy husband I was going to place this ad here to look for men who can fuck me real good because apparently he can’t and the poor bastard just nodded yes. He knows better than to fight me on stuff like this. I wear the pants in this relationship and have since day one. He’s the cuckold one in this relationship and that arrangement works for us as a couple. I’m the adulterous wife and for that reason I’m searching for a few good men in the Hampshire area who can fuck me hard and good.

I am open to both single and attached men and since I’m color blind, your race doesn’t matter to me. I’m drawn to men with big dicks though but right now I’m so horny that even if you have a small dick, I’ll gladly fuck you. I only ask that you please be open to being watched as you slide in and out of me. I want my slob of a husband to see me being pleasured by a real man because he doesn’t know how to satisfy me. Join me in humiliating my husband and maybe he can pick up a few tips on how a woman should be fucked!

Area: Hampshire

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